A Fresh Hue for Sustainability: Our Label Turns a New Leaf

A Fresh Hue for Sustainability: Our Label Turns a New Leaf

In the heart of our brand's story is a deep-seated respect for tradition, a commitment to sustainability, and a constant pursuit of innovation. While these values have long guided us, we've embraced the opportunity to embody them visually on our bottles, offering our customers a glimpse into the story that defines us. This evolution in design mirrors our dedication to our roots, our sustainable ethos, and the transparent journey of our products from the grove to your table.

Inspired by Tradition and Sustainability

The integration of green into our label design is not just a color change—it's a tribute to the natural environment that nurtures our olive groves and a nod to our sustainable practices that protect it. This green represents life, growth, and vitality, mirroring the lush landscapes of Tunisia, where our olives thrive under the sun's warm embrace. The yellow, a color that has become synonymous with our brand, is inspired by the 320 days of Tunisian sunshine that bless our olive trees, allowing them to grow naturally, free from the need for pesticides.

Expanding Our Offerings to Serve You Better

With the unwavering trust of our customers, Terra Delyssa is ready to expand our family of products. This growth is a natural extension of our brand's core values—sustainability, quality, and innovation—that are now vividly reflected in our new label design. By diversifying our product line, we aim to reach a broader audience and cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences, all while maintaining the premium quality that defines us.

Emphasizing Traceability and Transparency

In an era where consumers rightly demand transparency, we are proud to be pioneers in implementing blockchain technology through our partnership with IBM Food Trust. This innovative step allows us to offer full traceability and openness about our products. The QR code on our labels serves as a gateway for you, our, consumers, to trace the journey of your olive oil, ensuring peace of mind regarding its quality and origins.

We believe that this new design will resonate with our customers, who have long trusted us for our high-quality, sustainably produced olive oil. The award-winning taste, quality, and purity of our olive oil remain unchanged—what evolves is the way we express our core values through our label.

In embracing this change, we invite you to continue on this journey with us—a journey of respect for our heritage, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to transparency and quality. Our new labels, coming soon to market, are a promise, a reminder of the care, respect, and passion that go into every bottle of Terra Delyssa olive oil. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to these principles, ensuring that every drop of olive oil we produce is a testament to our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

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