Frequently asked questions

All of our olive oils are organic because we don’t use fertilizers or pesticides on any of our trees.  A certain portion of our oil is “certified” by Ecocert, as Organic.  The remaining oils are natural extra virgin olive oil without the certification.

Our olive oils have a production and expiration on the side of the label.  The production date is when the olives are picked, pressed and filtered.  The expiration date is 2 years from the date we bottled it.

Store your olive oil away from light, and please do not rebottle.  Terra Delyssa bottles are designed to properly store your olive oil.

First cold press means the olive oil is produced by crushing the olives without adding any heat or using any chemicals.

Polyphenols are naturally higher in Tunisian olive oil due to the varieties grown in the dry desert soil.  CHO Laboratory, accredited by the International Olive Council, states the rate of polyphenols for Terra Delyssa is between 200 PPM and 300 PPM.

For more information, our YouTube channel has videos showing our harvest, laboratory and bottling.  You may also reach out with questions at support@terradelyssa.com.