Weather-Resilient Olive Varietals Drive Optimism for CHO Group's Crop Season

Weather-Resilient Olive Varietals Drive Optimism for CHO Group's Crop Season

Tunis, Tunisia - [8/2/2023] - CHO Group, Tunisia's leading producer and the world's largest exporter of organic extra virgin olive oil, is pleased to announce the upcoming olive harvest is expected to yield positively, despite facing challenging weather conditions. The renowned resilience of CHO's organic Chemlali and Chetoui varietals has mitigated the impact of reduced rainfall, setting them apart from other varieties and regions.

Industry forecasts project a total olive oil production in Tunisia of 220,000 metric tons. CHO Group is proud to play a significant role in this output, with its usual exports to international markets.

During their regular field trips, CHO Group CEO, Mr. Makhloufi, and CHO America CEO, Mr. Rekik, have seen firsthand that the outlook for the upcoming olive harvest season is shaping up to be good. Their routine check-ins at the orchards confirm the positive expectations for this year's yield.

In addition to its exceptional organic olive oil products, CHO Group is proud to feature the Terra Delyssa brand of Tunisian extra virgin olive oil. Terra Delyssa has become synonymous with premium quality and traceability, embodying the essence of CHO's commitment to organic farming and sustainable practices.


"We are optimistic about this year's harvest. Our continued focus on organic farming and sustainable practices has yielded favorable results. We are eager to share the excellence of our organic extra virgin olive oil, including our award-winning Terra Delyssa brand, with consumers worldwide," said Mr. Makhloufi.


CHO Group remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence, and the company looks forward to providing the global market with top-tier organic olive oil products, including the esteemed Terra Delyssa brand.

Terra Delyssa Olive Trees

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